Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Bowling Basic Rules

Bowling and its Basic rules. At first glance, bowling is a fun and easy to learn practice. And that's right: throw the ball on a track, knock down all the pins, and win the one that scores the most points. But how do the rules actually work? What are the strategies? Do you have a lot to decorate?

We will answer everything in a very practical and summarized way. Bowling is an eye-catching sport precisely for its simplicity, and at the same time for carrying a unique complexity. For those who are arriving now and want to make the most of our space, it's time to get to know the basics and essentials of bowling.

 The history of bowling is undefined, and there are several possibilities. One is that an archaeologist would have found, in the tomb of an Egyptian child, a game similar to bowling, which had primitive pins and balls.

In 2007, a group of archaeologists also found a tomb never seen before. In that tomb there was a kind of game room similar to that of bowling. The finding was identified as from the Ptolemy dynasty, which lasted from 332 BC to 30 AD

In the century. XII bowling on the grass arose, but the sport became so popular that the practice was banned by King Eduardo who feared that the bow was less practiced and thus weakens the kingdom's defenses.

In the century. XIX in the United States, bowling has changed. At that time, a pin was added to the bowling alley, thus retaining the 10 pins that are currently used. In Europe, in some places, 9 pins are still used in bowling matches.

The Game

Bowling can be practiced by people of all ages, regardless of weight and height.

You can play bowling both as leisure, among friends and family, as a sport in major national and international competitions, and can be played throughout your life, always with the possibility of obtaining good results.

Correct walking on the approach, together with throwing the ball, is seen as one of the most perfect and beautiful athletic movements.

The basic rules of bowling

Those known rules, which we mentioned earlier, are true. One at a time, each player carefully throws the ball, aiming to hit as many pins as possible. At the end of a number of rounds defined by the players, the one with the most points wins.

In official bowling competitions, competitions are always held in 10 rounds. Each round, participants can make two shots to knock down all the pins. If everyone is knocked down on the first move, a strike is counted, and the second move is not required.

Although the normal is 10 rounds, there is nothing to prevent participants from making smaller plays, either because of the time available to everyone, 먹튀사이트 or because of the number of players. In very large groups, it is not uncommon to find group disputes, held on more than one track.


The official tracks are 18.20 m long and 1.07 meter wide and are separated by ditches, or channels.

The thrown balls are returned to the players through a kind of tunnel, usually installed below the tracks and next to the channels.

Before the track there is an area called approach, which allows the player to get closer to throw the ball.


The bowling ball has three holes, the largest for the thumb and the smallest for the ring and middle fingers.

For a long time, they were made of wood, but today, they are manufactured with synthetic materials, such as polyurethane or polyester.

These materials increase the friction of the ball on the track, so that it can slide in curves, instead of just going in a straight line; this allows more experienced players to create “effect” moves.

The size of the ball is up to 69 cm in diameter and the weight varies from 2 kg (for children) to 7.26 kg. The ideal ball for men weighs from 6kg to 7kg, and for women, from 4.54kg to 6.35kg.

In order to know the ideal ball, the player usually calculates 10% of his own weight, but it is simpler to use the trick shown below, in the Tips section.


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